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Do you have a box? Does it have stuff in it? Does it need a domain name? You’ve come to the right place. But in order to unlock the power of the box, you must make an offer that is reasonable.

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Loot Boxes

Video games sell loot boxes. People really love them! (not really). The video game industry has turned video games into continuous money making machines by selling credits that can be used to buy loot boxes, and then ultimately turning them into lottery like devices to obtain addons, skins, weapons and such for additional game play options.

Clothing Boxes

Not sure what type of stitch you need to get your clothing fix? There are plenty of third parties now that will sell you services and clothing, so you never have to leave your house! Unless you want other people to see this clothing you buy. You can find stylists online that will send you items that you can try on, and only pay for the items that you choose to keep.

Food Boxes

Not sure what you want for dinner tonight? Not sure what ingredients you need to make your next meal? There are food boxes for that! Many of these boxes come with all the ingredients, and instructions for preparing a meal.


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